Sunday, November 30, 2014

Costume party

I love Halloween horse costumes, the more ridiculous the better.  When I saw the dragon costume Tiffany made for this year's Breyerfest Live show, I just had to have it.  Fortunately, Tiffany is bribe-able.  The dragon costume now belongs to me.
In addition to being ridiculous, Halloween horse costumes must also be safe and functional.  This one is.  The hood fits over a regular bridle, and the blanket has girth slits in the side.
The wings are attached to a square pad. 
This is exactly the sort of thing a crafty and enterprising horse mom might whip up in her sewing room! 
The princess outfit is very princess-y... 
but it's worn over boots.  Perfect!
As an added bonus, that princess also looks good with my unicorn bridle.
 It's like receiving two new costumes in one!
Thanks a million, Tiffany.  Pictures of the totally different but equally awesome Native American costume will be next!


  1. I had the honor of showing against Snickers in the dragon costume back in October. She was so adorable in person, and the costume was super cool!

  2. The princess on the unicorn is priceless! Love it!

    1. I think she needs a wreath of white flowers for her neck and a tail decoration of some sort to really complete the look. Hmmmmmmmm...

  3. oh... too awesome :)

  4. that saddle pad with wings!!!! so clever!