Friday, November 14, 2014

More of them

Artist Resin and Custom Performance is my favorite live show division, so it's no surprise that I still have another full post's worth of photos of the AR/CM performance horses at last weekend's TRXC show in Albany, New York.
The show hall at the Best Western Albany Airport Inn was cozy and just a tiny bit dark.  Because of that, a lot of my photos turned out cluttered and kind of fuzzy.  Still, I think the focus is good enough to make out the details on Iva's lovely Arabian costume.
Ten years ago, Alaina Richardson's props were all the rage.  It made me happy to see a few of her arena walls still in service.
 This one belongs to Jackie...
and this is part of Darleen's.
Here's a nice Indian costume entry, complete with a baby and cradleboard.
Because Region X is home to one of the hobby's best and most prolific dollmakers, Anne Field, I was not surprised to see a lot of nice dolls in the ring. 
This is the "trafficked human" from my first TRXC post.  He was bought by Brenda Bednar, who put him right to work.
This good riding eventer was customized by owner, Katherine Dwyer.
Speaking of dolls...  the showmanship judges were looking a little bit crazed.
This guy's face cracks me up.
I made the Smart Chic the center of this photo, but it's actually the Hazel who was being judged.
This one also confuses me.  I didn't judge this division so I didn't stop and read the documentation.  Is the cow a legit part of the entry or did I manage to capture one of those odd in-between moments?  
Still lots more TRXC photos to share...  OF halter next?


  1. The cow is sort of part of the entry--back in my pony club days (in souther NY) we often were jumping into cow pastures, and there is a fair amount of beef farming in that part of the state. The horses were often unfazed (and focused elsewhere-running!!!) while the cows were having a big WTH moment. The pony is the judged one on that one (tag is leaning on the stand and obscured in that angle)

    1. See? If I had read the documentation, it would have made perfect sense!


  2. I see the red costume I made for Iva a couple of years back. Wow, that PAM is gorgeous! Thanks for posting all of these pictures, I love to look at show photos!
    Dee Crawley

  3. Wow the Indian set up and the Arabian set up are amazing! I also love the sport boots and bells on the model in the first picture!

  4. Wow, I love that eventer landing the jump. Do you know what resin that is? (Or if it's just an amazing CM?)