Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sweet reminders

Like every hobby artist, I love it when customers send photos of my tack winning big in the show ring.  
Expensive Confetti owned and shown by Niki Hertzog at Build The Barn Live in Millersburg, Pennsylvania
 Tooled English saddle by BCS and Erin Corbett, bridle & props by Niki Hertog and doll by Anne Field
However, I am just as excited to receive photos of entries in which my contributions were inspiration, information and, perhaps, photo documentation.  Leah Koerper recently sent these pictures from the recent Sweet Onion Live show in College Place, Washington.

She writes:   I've attached photos of my setups that used documentation from your blog.  The three posts I used for reference were:
I placed first in Western Games with the boot race,
then second in Other with the leadline...
and got Reserve Champ Western (which is an achievement for me since I really don't know much first-hand about western events).
It was also special because the horse I used for the Western division is a portrait of my first horse love, a Quarter Horse gelding named Jaime that I leased during middle school. 
(Another picture of Jamie and Leah because they're so darn cute together!) 
In English I got first in English Games with TP Pairs... 
and went on to get Champion English and Overall Other.
Thanks for all your help past, present, and future! Your clear and careful photos are fabulous.

And thanks to you, Leah, for reminding me why I do this.  I've been in a bit of a blog/hobby/life funk lately, but your email has inspired me to keep writing!


  1. very cool - AND creative. that little gray pony is too cute, too

  2. Awww, I love the story behind that gray pony! Yes, PLEASE keep blogging! You are such an inspiration and help to me, reading your blog encourages me to get off my computer and go do something with my models!

  3. I say, too, "Yes, PLEASE, keep blogging!" I do not show performance, but your posts are still very interesting and reading them is almost like a little visit with a friend nearly every day.

  4. Don't worry--I'm pretty devoted to blogging. I can't imagine stopping altogether, but there are some days when I think it would be SO MUCH EASIER to go wordless or mostly wordless. Fortunately, that always passes sooner or later.