Friday, September 5, 2014

Keeping current

One of the hobby's most familiar yet dreaded personalities is the performance "expert" whose knowledge is at least thirty years out of date.  You know who I'm talking about.  She's there in nearly every online forum, pronouncing entries "wrong" because they don't match her own narrow and antiquated experience.

I really do not want to be that person.

Still, it's hard to keep up with all the changes in all the divisions.  I couldn't do it on my own, but fortunately, I have friends who help.  Just the other day, Margaret Balch sent me a note regarding the use of fly bonnets at dressage shows.
She writes: This is something I didn't realize until this past weekend, but according to USEF rules - DR 121.7, 121.8 (as of April 1st 2013)  fly bonnets are allowed in outdoor dressage competitions. Here's the copy/paste of the rule: "Fly hoods (ear covers) made of a thin (single, unpadded) layer of material, are permitted for competitions held in open-sided covered rings or outdoor rings in order to protect horses from insects. The fly hoods should be discreet and should not cover the horse’s eyes. After completion of the test, the rider or his representative is responsible for removing the fly hood to present to the designated ring steward for inspection to ensure that nothing prohibited has been added to (for example, special material) or is covered by the fly hoods to protect
from sound."
I know I'm not the only performance shower with a couple fly bonnets stashed away in my tack box. 
I am pleased to learn that they can now do double duty in both the dressage and jumper rings.
Thanks for sharing helping me stay current, Margaret!


  1. You make a very good point! Rules and customs do change. I'm glad to see helmets are allowed too, those Breyer top hats are hard to find!

    1. Depending on the governing body, helmets are either required or optional. I believe they're required for USEF-sanctioned shows but optional for the FEI ones.

      The mini fly bonnets are really cute and it's great they can now be used in model set-ups.

  2. omg those mini fly bonnets are too much... i don't collect model horses, but... still.. so cute!! now maybe if i had a pet rat i could justify ordering a few... (not that that's a hint for more rat pics or anything lol)