Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Kindness repaid

About six weeks ago, I wrote a post titled Kindness.  
That same night, my family and I ate dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant.  At the end of the meal, I found this fortune inside my cookie.
"Huh," I thought.  "That's kind of cool."  I folded it in half, tucked inside my wallet and promptly forgot about it.

I came across it again earlier this week.  I nearly threw it away, but instead I unfolded it and pinned it to the bulletin board in my studio. 

Then, today, this happened:
For no reason other than kindness, my friend and fellow tackmaker, Susan Bensema Young, sent me an Aurelius.
I am so touched and honored by this gift.   Thank you, Susan.
My kindness has surely been repaid.


  1. Awesome. Sue is so nice...but then so are you!!

  2. he's very handsome. nice gestures all round

  3. You were given the glossy hunk Aurelius for your collection!?! Oh my goodness - What a totally self-less and kind thing for Susan to do!

    I occasionally read Susan's blog but don't know her otherwise. What a special person she must be...
    (just like you!)

  4. Wow. Susan must be so nice! I really want that model horse hunk on my shelf. I think I would name him Thor....or Chris, after Chris Hemsworth. :) hahaha!!!

  5. Wahoo! I'm so glad you got one :)