Monday, September 1, 2014


My mother used to tell people: "Jennifer hasn't met a horse she doesn't love."  

I suppose that's true in a general sense, but in all my years of riding, I've only been truly, deeply, passionately in love with a small handful of horses.
Mystyc is not on that list.
Don't get me wrong.  There's a lot to love about Mystyc.  She's a good girl, a sweet girl and a really pretty girl.
She hasn't been an easy horse for me...
 but from our first ride...
to our last...
it's been a mostly good eight months. 
As it turns out, eight months is all it's going to be.
At this time last year, Mystyc was for sale.  Her owner took her off the market after I started leasing her, but I always knew that she could be for sale again if the right home happened to come around.  
Now it has.  As of yesterday, Mystyc belongs to a teenage girl who is already truly, deeply, passionately in love with her.  I wish them both the best.


  1. Such a bittersweet post...
    Knowing that Mystyc is going to someone that already loves her with a consuming passion is wonderful but to see you having to give up another leased horse is sad.

    I realized that IS the nature of leasing but still...
    {{hugs to you}}

  2. I am happy for Mystyc, and also very proud that the work I've done with my last two lease horses has helped move them into wonderful new homes.

    As for me, I'll be okay. I've had several nice offers of horses to ride, some of whom I think will suit me far better than Mystyc. I'm looking forward to "horse surfing" for a little while.

  3. Awe. That sucks, Jennifer, but I'm glad she's going to a good home and I have no doubt you'll find another horse you'll feel passionate about. :)

  4. oh no! great for Mystyc that she found such a nice home ... but still, what a bummer for you. enjoy the horse surfing!

  5. Speaking of Rev, how's his portrait coming along :)

  6. I'm happy for Mystyc to have a girl of her own. May you find an even better equine partner soon. I just wanted to say that you leave each of your leased horses better trained than when you start. Kudos.