Monday, September 8, 2014

Horse yoga, part two

When it comes to riding, I'm a jack of all trades/master of none.  I have reasonably good basics and enough knowledge and experience to ride most horses passably well.  Beyond that, I'm pretty average.  There isn't any one area in which I truly shine.  

Mostly, I'm fine with that, but still...  who doesn't want to be a superstar?

Horse yoga isn't a real discipline like dressage or show jumping, but unlike those sports, it held for me the promise of being something in which I might excel.  After all, I spent most of my teenage years hanging off a bareback horse.  I have no fear issues in that regard, plus, I've always been flexible.  Several years ago, I attended some drop-in yoga classes at my neighborhood rec center.  I didn't stick with it long enough to learn all the steps, but poses weren't a problem.  Lotus position on a horse? Sounds totally do-able.

And it was...
but aside from that, I am as average at horse yoga as I am at riding! 
Some of the positions were very easy for me...
and I was never afraid...
even when my yoga mat, Freddy, developed a bad case of the wiggles.
On the other hand, I really struggled with the upper body work.  I have lingering pain and reduced range of motion left over from last year's broken collarbone.  I've recovered enough to lead a normal life, but horse yoga brought my limitations to the forefront.
Despite that, I really enjoyed my first horse yoga class.  The instructor, Heather, was so positive and encouraging.  She made me feel like I was doing really well even when I wasn't.
Also, she made sure every move ended with some horse petting or kissing... and who wouldn't want to kiss Freddy!
Thanks so much to Heather and Trisha and Freddy and Arwen.
I may not have been a superstar, but I really enjoyed horse yoga!


  1. That is so cool

  2. what a nice class - i kinda wish we had something similar at my barn (tho i suspect my arab mare would take exception to being referred to as a 'yoga mat' lol). thanks for sharing!

  3. So cool! Looks like a lot of fun. :)