Saturday, September 27, 2014

1:9 scale world

For the second time in as many weeks, I've received an unexpected box from a hobby friend.
There were no horses in this one.  
Instead, it was filled with all sorts of additions to my rapidly expanding 1:9 scale world.
I just love this stuff.
And of course, my mind is working overtime imagining new performance entries...
that might  include dogs on chairs...
and all sorts of barnyard fowl.
The fox is tailor made for a hunting scene... 
and the owl will be perfect for natural trail. 
The goats could be used for goat tying, and all three of these would fit nicely into the petting zoo I've always wanted to build.
The sheep is my favorite.  I think she needs a halter. 
Also included in the box, was a package for string tags.  This made me laugh, because I think I've "borrowed" tags from Jane more than a dozen times over the years!  

Thank you so much, Jane.  I'm not sure what I've done to deserve these unexpected gifts, but they are very much appreciated!


  1. I would love to know where people are finding all of these neat 1:9 scale items! So many performance ideas!

  2. I love the sheep! Can I have her?

    Just kidding lol! But seriously, I want that sheep!

  3. wow - what an awesome haul! love the fox

  4. So glad you are delighted, Jennifer! Thanks for giving these things a good home!

    Some things are from Crystal Creek Farms

    and others are from years of obsessively searching eBay! I think the sheep is either Papo or Schleich?

    The ladder, plastic chair, and wheelchair (therapy horse setup) were on eBay with the action figures.

    The doll-size camera was just itching to live at your house and I still have two more packages of tags :-)

  5. I've had several people ask about the sheep, so I checked. She is a Safari model. The big goat is Schleich. I can't read the maker's mark on the little goat.

  6. Jane rocks and I love her dearly :)