Thursday, September 25, 2014

Training tack classes

Imagine a horse show class with no tack or attire restrictions...
The hunter classes might be filled with horses in Western saddles... 
and the Western Pleasure classes would feature horses wearing nosebands... 
and riders wearing tall boots and breeches.
 Impossible you say?
Welcome to the world of Arabian Training Tack classes!
I had never heard of these classes prior to last weekend's CAHC Fall Show, I so imagine my surprise when this trotted into the ring for a Training Tack Hunter Pleasure class.
Of course, it didn't take me long to figure out that the Training Tack section is simply a warm-up division.  It allows green horses and anxious riders a chance to get inside the show ring and practice before the main event.
These classes don't count towards championships or year end awards, and I'm guessing no one ever takes out a full page ad in Arabian Horse World bragging about their Training Tack victories.
Still, these are actual, judged, horse show classes.  
Although I'd prefer not to see any horse...
real or model.... 
with this much crap on its head... 
I'd really love to see someone set up a Training Tack class entry at a model horse show.
Feel free to use my pictures and let me know if the judge's head explodes!


  1. Wow, that is fascinating! I think my head just exploded...

  2. Replies
    1. That was seriously the weirdest group of horse show classes I have ever seen.

  3. This is just so cool!! I am TOTALLY doing this at my next show! :D

  4. I got strange looks and thought the judge's head was going to explode when I set up a jump in a dressage class (for Prix Caprilli). I'm pretty sure everyone at the shows' heads would explode if I did this!

  5. I just deleted my comment because it was nothing but a rant on a couple of my favorite soapboxes, both having to do with heads. YouknowwhutImean.

    That is an interesting class idea for a MODEL HORSE show, however!

    1. I like it for a real horse show minus the draw reins and (especially) the really tight German martingales. There's real value to having warm up classes, both for the exhibitors and the show ($$$$). I'm kind of ambivalent as far as the model horses go. On the one hand it's a real, judged class at a real horse show, and therefore, fair game. But. It's also a warm up class. Therefore, not totally a "real" class. I could make the argument either way, depending on mood. :)

  6. huh interesting... they sure do seem to use a lot of gadgets! nice horses tho

  7. All the gadgets and shortcuts are one of the many reasons I no longer show on the Arab circuit. :( I will admit that I have shown in one (or more) of these classes though!

  8. To be fair, not all the horses were shown with gadgets. The grey Western pleasure horse shown in the first and last photos is a perfect example. There were also a few hunters that wore the same tack in both throughout the entire show day. I took photos of them, but they all ended up in the Hunter Pleasure post. :)

  9. I understand that gadgets are not used all of the time, but they seemed to be the norm as opposed to the exception. Forcing a horse into a certain frame instead of training it was just not for me anymore.

  10. Not all the time and not by everyone--that's the point I wanted to make. Otherwise we are in total agreement. I'm not a fan of gadgets. I don't like draw reins, German martingales or the artificial frame they produce.

    Worth mentioning--my old lease horse, Rev came out of the Arab show world, and watching these classes gave me some valuable, albeit belated, insight into his issues.

  11. Draw rains are a big fad right now, everyone from jumpers, to Western pleasure riders use them, and I think it's awful. If you need that kind of equipment, to ride your horse successfully you need to go back to the basics.

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