Monday, September 29, 2014

Bottoms up

Sometimes I spend more time detailing the parts you can't see...
than the parts you can.
This is normal, right?


  1. Yes! That's the important part! :)

  2. I do too! In fact when I show off your saddles to people I show off the bottom and all the realistic details you do! :)

  3. I appreciate the bottom being as detailed as the top :D

  4. Lol, even though I always try to make my tack as detailed as possible, I don't think I'm nearly as picky about the realism of the bottom. With most tack, I have no clue what's underneath so I when I work on panels on saddles, or etc, I just make them so that it fits best on top. I also like making stuff really soft so that it doesn't damage the models paint :)

  5. That's amazing! Now, where's the second part to yesterday's post!? :(

    1. Just kidding lol! I can't wait to see the next post though. :) your tack is awesome! Hopefully one day I will be as good as you! Or just have enough money to buy some of your tack! :)

  6. And that attention to detail is why you are an
    in-demand world-class model horse tack maker!

  7. Beautiful! Well worth the effort I would say.