Sunday, September 7, 2014

Horse yoga, part one

Every summer, my friend Trisha hosts several horse camps at her farm in Wellington, Colorado.  Originally these camps were aimed towards children, but after some of the campers' mothers expressed an interest in learning to ride, she decided to offer a week of adult camp, too.  

This year's adult camp featured a new event: Horse Yoga.
Trisha is woman of many accomplishments.  In addition to training horses and managing an equestrian facility, she is a high school teacher and the author of two mystery novels.  She is not, however, a yoga instructor.
So, instead of trying to teach horse yoga herself, she found a local yoga instructor with a horsey background.  
Heather had never taught horse yoga either, but she immediately saw the possibilities.
In the end, horse yoga was such a resounding success...

 that she and Trisha have continued to offer it on a weekly basis.
Every Friday since then, my Facebook feed has been filled with pictures like this... 
and this... 
 and this...
And every Friday since then I've been thinking the same two thoughts.  The first is: That would be a great Other Performance idea for a standing model.  The second is: I need to do that myself.
Now I have!


  1. I just love this! I once saw advanced paddleboard yoga but I swear I never thought about horses. What a cool performance idea. You'd need a somewhat liberal judge.

  2. haha i had hoped you'd do a follow up post to this - i was super curious!! sounds like good, relaxing fun (and those horses must be saints)

  3. Haha, I love that the horses seem to be benefiting from the relaxation too, they all look half asleep!