Monday, September 22, 2014

If wishes were horses

Melanie Miller is one of my favorite hobby artists, and her newest offering, Spartacus, is one of my favorite pieces by her.
This pony has it all.  He's a wonderful concept,
brilliantly executed,  
with attitude to spare! 
 Here's how Mel describes him:  This   is "Spartacus", a drastic custom on the Breyer customizing kit horse.   All rubber balls beware - he is now a spunky little pony in full-on attack mode! 
Every inch of this feisty boy has been resculpted, from his open mouth to his hooves and every furry bit in between. He is permanently attached to his squished ball and is very sturdy. 
Spartacus has been painted a silver dapple tobiano with soft winter hair dappling. His ball is pink with fine pink glitter embedded in it for that extra bit of playful oompf.
He has all the details my work is known for including shaded chestnuts, detailed hooves, teeth and tongue, and lifelike eyes. 
Spartacus is currently listed on My Auction Barn.  With one day to go, he's already way, way out of my budget, but if wishes were horses, no one else would stand a chance!


  1. Thanks Jennifer! I'm so glad you like him! :-D

  2. He is absolutely awesome! I'd love to own such a piece to art!

  3. OMGosh - I love him - If he were a bay Appaloosa, he'd be the spitting image of my little boy, Luke, that just LOVES his pink ball!

  4. He is sooo cute! I just have one non-related question. Have you ever seen a marawari or kathawari doing any type of english or western riding in the show ring? I just bought a new pony and he is a kathawari. I want to show him in performance but don't know if I'd have document the breed doing the thing or not. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. I have not. However, I don't see any reason why they'd need any specific documentation. Just list it as an Open show.

  5. omg i LOVE him! such expressiveness and spirit!