Thursday, March 20, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Four years ago, I was part of an elite group of artists hired by Breyer to create six dioramas which were displayed at the World Equestrian Games in Lexington, Kentucky.  The dioramas depicted each of the FEI disciplines with remarkable accuracy and amazing attention to detail.  To date, I consider my participation in this project as one the highlights of my hobby career.

After the Games, the dioramas were moved to their permanent home at Breyer Headquarters in New Jersey, where they were on display there during Breyer's recent Big Easy Bash collector event.  One of the event participants, Lynnard from Iowa, took lots of photos of them, which she has graciously allowed me to share here.

 First up is "my" dressage diorama. 
Of course, there's a lot more to this display that just the tack.  Ann Harris customized and painted the horse, Sheri Wirtz dressed the dolls, and the build team of Terri Heath, Martina Vanilli, Linda Shepherd, Robin Briscoe and Kelly Martin created the arena fence and judge's stand.
The Show Jumping diorama features a customized Breyer Ruffian by Mindy Berg...
and includes an amazing water jump built by Kevin McFarland and Denis Sevigny.  
Eventing is next.
The horse is a one of a kind Breyer, painted to look like eventing great, Theodore O'Connor.  The amazing jump was built by Kim and Kathi Haymond, the doll was dressed by Joan Yount and Pat Coulter made the tack. 
Onto reining! 
The horse is a customized Alborozo (!) by Lori Daniels.  Kirsteen Haley made the tack, Darla Curtis dressed the dolls, and the build team of Terri Heath, Martina Vanilli, Linda Shepherd, Robin Briscoe and Kelly Martin created the arena set-up with that amazing  dirt swoosh. 
Last but certainly not least, is the combined driving diorama. 
This set-up includes four one of a kind Breyers, three dolls by Anne Field, a marathon cart by Bill Duncan, harnesses by Robin Briscoe and Kelly Martin and another great diorama by the build team.
I love this angle. 
Look at that lean!
 It's so nice to see these dioramas again.  They look just as good today as they did in 2010.  I feel so fortunate to have been a part of this project.  Thank you so much to Lynnard for sharing these photos.  They really made my day! 


  1. these blow my mind. just amazing.

  2. That is INCREDIBLE! So much detail. I can't believe they look to be in perfect shape after 4 years. Of course, they've been "under glass" so...anyway, thank you for this Throwback Thursday! You people are "obscenely" ;) talented!

  3. How delightful to see fresh views of 'what the fuss was all about.' If you ever see Robin B. at BFest ask to read her notebooks about the marathon entry.

  4. Wow!!

  5. I'd wondered what had happened to the dioramas. Glad to know that Breyer is keeping them under glass - they are a true pinnacle in the hobby and should be preserved as an important piece of hobby history. Congratulations on being a part of the project!

  6. Jennifer, the reining rider and the showjumping doll were also made by Joan Yount. LOVE these photos, it's nice to "visit" with the project again :)

  7. And tack by me on the Jumper set-up! also a highlight of my hobby career! :) :) first and only limited model horse I didn't have to pay out the wazoo for LOL