Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Two in a row

Since yesterday's bridle was such a success, I decided to make another one today.
This little dressage bridle features buckle end reins with leather stops, a bling browband and a raised and padded noseband.
There's another English bridle on the schedule for tomorrow, but thankfully, that one's traditional scale.  Woo hoo!  After nearly three weeks of mini tack, 1:9 scale is going to seem positively huge!


  1. How do you make your doll spurs thanks :-)

    1. The spurs I make are extremely basic. They're just a little bit of wire, bent into shape with needlenose pliers and strung onto a 1/16" strap with a buckle.

  2. I have often found that a crown buckle solves many problems. And yes, mini to Trad is fun! Have you ever done one-sixth scale?

  3. I've never made anything larger than large traditional, but I bet 1:6 would be a blast. That's really HUGE!

  4. I love Breyers and have about twelve to fifteen. Someday I want to learn to make my own tack. Most of mine are the big older ones, but I have a couple 1:9(i think) and then the a few smaller.