Friday, March 7, 2014

Lauren's miniature buffet

Shortly after I posted pictures of Carra and Morgan's Un-natural Trail obstacles, I received a message from my friend and fellow blogger, Lauren Mauldin.  It read: Your post today  gave me an idea for a guest post.  It's not horsey but miniature related!  I think you'll like it!  A couple hours later, the post was in my in-box, and guess what?  I like it.  In fact, I like it so much that I've already ordered my first Re-ment set!

The Miniature Buffet on My Desk

by Lauren Mauldin

It's a sad but true fact that I don't collect models anymore.  As a lover of all things miniature, this left a gigantic hole in my quest for teeny tiny items of amazingness.  Without needing to scale everything down for my performance setups... how was I going to get my itty bitty fix?

Wandering around in my sad, life size world, I stumbled upon an eclectic Austin toy shop that carried a lot of Japanese toys.  Mixed in with stacks of Hello Kitty everything I noticed these tiny pouches with pictures of sushi on the outside.  Intrigued, I picked it up.

Tiny plastic things... inside the pouch?  Tiny sushi?  With the emphasis on tiny, I picked up a bag of mystery sushi and a box of what looked like "Around the world" cuisine offerings... scaled down in miniature plastic of course.  
As soon as I paid I immediately tore open into my new treasures, to find a miniature pizza set in one and two pieces exquisitely detailed sushi with a bottle of Saki in another.  I think I squealed out loud.  So tiny!  So delightful!
That my friends, is how I became obsessed with Re-Ment ( miniatures.  Thinking I didn't have a problem if I kept my collection out of the house, I started setting up the little miniature food sets on my desk at work.  

(I apologize for the dark photos.  I work in a black cave of programmers who hate light... for real.)
From sushi to donuts, I have a lot of miniature Re-Ment (Japanese) and Orcara (Chinese) food on my desk.
It's totally silly, and totally satisfying.
For you hobby folks, the scale of this stuff is roughly 1:12 and there are wide assortments of foods and objects.  The general theme is "surprise" so you're encouraged to collect them all, but the minis are organized by different sets so I usually just get a pack or two from a set to insure I get different items.
They're hard to find, but if you want your own adorable miniature food army of your own check Japanese stationary stores, eccentric toy stores and of course... online shopping.
For now, this is my favorite miniature fix!  Even though I'm not doing performance, the mind does churn at some possibilities of using these food and accessories in some performance set-ups... don't you think?

Ha!  My mind hasn't stopped churning.  Thanks for introducing me to another hobby obsession, Lauren.  I can't wait to receive my first set of Re-ment food!


  1. This makes me want to go buy lots more mini food! Hehe, thanks for posting :)

  2. I could just fall over with all the cute-ness in this post!!! I LOOOVE mini food!

  3. I love mini food and also the mini accessories! I made the mistake of typing Re-ment into eBay's search engine, and a couple hours later, I have mentally created at least half a dozen food related performance scenes. Just wait until you see them!


  4. Whyyyy!? I've just spent 10 minutes on Amazon and am barely managing to refrain from checking out eBay. Must resist the adorable miniature food! :)