Sunday, March 2, 2014

Big Easy Bash flames

The second class at Breyer's Big Easy Bash Mardi Gras Madness Live Show was called Les Flambeaux.  Here's the official description:

2. Les Flambeaux- western riding or pattern riding. In this class, the entry must be riding a pattern that incorporates the concepts flames or fire, but NO open flames are permitted. The emphasis is on the creativity of the pattern. Adherence to published patterns is not required.

Confused?  If so, you're not alone.  Fire and horses are not a natural combination, so this required a lot of thinking outside the box.  In the end, most showers seemed to go with some sort of trail class entry.
Here's another one... 
entry by Niki Hertzog
and another... 
and another! 
I can't quite read the documentation, but I think this is a freestyle reining entry... 
entry by Lynn Weber
and this appears to be a gymkhana type set-up. 
After a lot of thought, Erin Corbett chose to go with a Roman riding entry that included two original finish Roxies and a flaming hoop, which was built by Erin's boyfriend, Topher. 
The rowdy revelers from her harness entry made a repeat appearance, and helped propel this entry to first place.  Hurray!
Second place went to this trail entry by the Carolina Gold Krewe of Robin Smith and Julia Harmon. 
The horse is a "Design Your Own Breyer" portrait of Julia's real horse, Forrest.  The saddle is an older piece by Erin.
Congratulations not just to the winners, but to all the showers for rising to the challenge of creating a fire themed performance entry.  Special thanks go to Erin Corbett for allowing me to use all her wonderful pictures!


  1. My friend Angela had the set up with the Ruffian, I made the bridle!!

  2. The one you thought was freestyle reining is. It's mine!

    1. That was a great idea for this class. The costume reminds me of Katniss' dress in Catching Fire!