Friday, March 21, 2014

Sacred's baby

I am falling behind on my tackmaking, so I decided not to ride yesterday.  Instead, I headed to the barn, with camera in hand, thinking I'd work Mystyc in the round pen, take a few photos and call it good.

That plan lasted all of two minutes. 

I'd barely stepped out of my car when one of my friends saw me and said, "Sacred's having her baby right now."

I sprinted to the barn, and discovered that Sacred had, in fact, just had her baby.
He was still wet but determined to get to his feet.
That's not going to work! 
Before he stood up, Sarah gave us all a chance to touch his soft little baby feet.  
With a little help...
he got the legs mostly under control.
It took him a lot longer to figure out how to nurse... 
but eventually, he got that done, too.
First poop! 
When all the new baby milestones were complete, he lay down for his first big nap.
I cannot lie--I wanted to lie down next to him and spoon him. 
Seriously.  Have you ever seen anything this cute? 
We took turns taking pictures with him.
and then let him have some time alone with his mama.
All told, my "short barn day" ended up running well over the four hour mark.  
I really do need to work on that bridle today, but first, I'm going to make a quick trip to the barn.


  1. We most definitely have a saying for this "Did ya ever.." (aka omg soo cute)

  2. Nothing sweeter than a baby :-) I love the 'first poop' picture !

  3. What a sweetie! You guys were lucky to be there- and thanks to the mare for a mid-day birth! I love his face marking... it's just begging to be painted on a model :)

  4. D'awwwww, SO CUTE! :D :D
    He'd look amazing on a resin!

  5. Talk about being in the right place at the right time!
    And I'm SO glad you were, so you could share these absolutely adorable photos with us!

    Bet those four hours went by in a blink... ; )

  6. He's seriously cute and my favorite--a chestnut Arab with plenty of chrome. Love his blaze.

  7. So awesome! I'm glad you were there to experience all his firsts. I love that last picture. I love all of them. And I would've wanted to lie down with him, too. So cute. Beyond cute!

  8. Love that little squiggle between the star and snip! And grateful that we got the angle of the first poop that we did!