Sunday, March 9, 2014

Big Easy Bash collector's class

The classlist for the Mardi Gras Madness live show at Breyer's Big Easy Bash celebration consisted of five classes--four performance and one collector's class.  Today's post was written by Lynnard of Iowa and originally appeared on Model Horse Blab.  I'm reposting it today with her permission.

One quick note, as with the performance classes, collectibility showers could compete individually or in "krewes."  Lynnard was part of a two person krewe with her friend, Arren.

Big Easy Bash Collectibility

by Lynnard

And last but not least... here is class 5 COLLECTIBILITY!
I think I read there was 30 entries here (!?) and there were no bad displays.  All top were notch. 
The pictures show some of my favorites:
I believe this placed 2nd.
I do love me some grey beauties... this was great!
Drum roll please....
and the winner of class 5 Collectability was.....

US!!!!! OMG!!!!

We were SO HAPPY! To the point of tears!!! We spent nearly three months working on all three of our entries. The first two didn't do so well and we were a little bummed, but our fellow collectors voted our Class 5 entry their favorite! We are so happy still!
Here's a pic of our table - looks kinda odd on the right hand side, huh?
A lot of people walked around the box looking confused - what do I do? Then they peeped into the eye of the mask....
 Just a few fabulous fillagree lovelies!  

On the inside we had created a down town scene from Mardi gras with the moon in the background and a dirty street that looked as though the parade had just went through - to us we thought it was just awesome! We came up with the idea and just went with it - and couldn't have been more happy with the outcome.
For our prize, we each got a BIG box filled with goodies - (2) RR trad size models, (1) BF model, stablemate, parade tack - and I think that was it? I haven't unpacked yet...

We were very happy!

Thanks again, Lynnard, for allowing me to use your words and photos here.  Congratulations, also,  to both you and Arren for your well-deserved win!

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