Monday, March 3, 2014


Bigger isn't always better, but when it comes to model horse tackmaking...  it kind of is. 

Even though I've made mini scale tack in the past...
if  I had my druthers, I'd never make anything smaller than classic scale again.  

However, there are some bribes I am powerless to resist, and topping that list is the work of the hobby's premier prop-makers, Kim and Kathi Haymond.  There isn't much I wouldn't do to add another Tabletop masterpiece to my collection, so this week I'm building a Pebbles scale pack set.

Work began with the saddle.  Not surprisingly, all the wood I had on hand was more suited to traditional scale projects.  I suppose I could have gone to the hobby store, but instead I decided to downsize it myself.  
Several hours later, I had this to show for my efforts. 
It doesn't look so small in pictures, but by my traditional standards, it's decidedly dinky
Tomorrow, I'll start on the harness.  That will be easier, right?


  1. For the final picture would you mind putting it on your schleich donkey? : )
    I love your tack and I can't wait to see the finished piece!!!

  2. Huh, good idea. I kind of forgot about that little dude!

    I'm not going to retake the photo, but I just tried the pack saddle on him and it's *almost* a good fit. The width is fine, but it's a little too long front to back. That's not a surprise since it's made for a slightly bigger model (a customized Breyer Breeds of the World resin, no idea which one).

    I should also mention that some people (cough, cough, Anna Kirby, cough, cough) would consider this model to be HUGE. I have a completely different frame of reference, however, so I think it's dinky!

  3. Is a stone Pebbles scale model the same size as a schleich horse?

    1. One of the reasons I don't usually make mini scale tack is that I don't collect mini scale models. The donkey is the only Schleich I own. He's smaller than my Pebbles Arabian. Beyond that, I have no idea.