Friday, June 21, 2013

NAN envy

By most measures, today was a pretty good day.  It started with an early morning bareback ride on Rev.
Picture not taken today
A couple hours later, the kids and I headed to out to the History Colorado Center...
where we found lots of good museum horses and mules... 
and watched a most entertaining pig show. 
Seriously, if anyone every holds a model pig performance show, I am so in!
The balance of the day has been spent in the studio working on Alicia's draft horse halter.
Normally, I would rate this an A+ day.
Leeuvonhoek created and owned by Tiffany Purdy with his brand new BCS harness
Saddleseat mule owned by Marci Driscoll
today is the first day of NAN...
 and no matter how good a day I've had in Colorado...
 I really, really wish I was in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania...
hanging out with my friends...
and checking out entries like this...
Scene Entry owned by Marci Driscoll
and this...
Darringly Sassy (palomino) created and owned by Tiffany Purdy
and especially this!
Jackie Arns-Rossi's Walking Dead entry
Thanks to Linda White for allowing me to share her pictures.  They almost--but not quite--help to lessen the pain of my NAN envy!


  1. How did I forget NAN ahhhhhhhhhhhh. The one thing I was counting down for.

  2. No worries! There are still two more days of competition to obsess over.


  3. Love you - from NAN. Will give ya the dirt when I am home. :-) :-)

  4. What the heck is suppose to be going on in the trailer scene?!

  5. Ooooh, that tobiano cob is gorgeous! I love the saddleseat Mule and the CIey too - I wish I could get to NAN one day but I think it's just a *tiny* bit too far away from me, heh.

  6. The trailer scene is supposed to represent a scene from The Walking Dead. You can't see the zombies inside that are giving Polka Parr T some consternation!

  7. That icelandic horse (I think it's and icelandic) is gorgeous! I wish I could go to show like this, just to see the models!