Monday, June 10, 2013

New at the zoo, part two

Last Wednesday, my friend Carol and I went to the Denver Zoo to visit six day old Sube, the newest member of the Zoo's Mongolian Wild Horse herd.  Here she is with her mother, Yisun.
Sube is Yisun's first foal, but motherhood seems to come naturally to the little dun mare.
She is extremely protective of her baby.
Whenever the herd stallion, Bartaar... 
or boss mare, Bernia... 
 came anywhere near the little one, they were met with laid back ears...
and some serious mare attitude!  
At this young age, Sube seems content to stick close to her mama's side.
 However, we did see her frolic a little bit.
All tangled up. 
So much excitement makes a girl hungry...
and sleepy!
I had such a wonderful time watching Sube.  I look forward to visiting her again later this summer!