Saturday, June 8, 2013

TSII, then and now

When Susan Bensema Young travels, her tack collection travels with her.  A couple days ago, Sue and her tack visited my house, and I seized the opportunity to photograph some of her older pieces, including this charming bridle that dates back to 1979.
These saddles are a bit newer, but not much.  Sue's tan saddle is undated, which means it was built before 1983.  My black saddle was made in 1985.
Just as old, but a little fancier is saddle #039. 
Love the carving on this one! 
#117 is next.
This was Sue's first basketweave tooled saddle.
Saddle #298 is fully tooled and heavily buckstitched. 
Originally made for Karon Grieve in 1990, Sue actually bought this saddle back in order to add it to her personal collection.
Sue also brought a couple newer saddles, including the Peach Rose and the Elk Saddle.  Since I photographed both of these last year, I didn't take any new pictures except for this one:
I did, however, take photos of a few of Sue's more recent bridles, including this roping bridle.
Wonderful braided and silver details! 
I especially like the very fancy neck rope that goes with it! 
One last picture to inspire all the aspiring tackmakers who read this blog.  Here's that 1979 bridle paired with a stunning 2010 bosal hackamore.  This is what you can achieve if you work at something for thirty years!
It's both an honor and a pleasure to view Susan Bensema Young's travelling tack collection.  Thanks so much to Sue for sharing it with me!