Thursday, June 6, 2013

An embarrassment of riches

In the last thirty six hours I have taken enough pictures to fill a week's worth of blog posts. This is a wonderful thing, but its not without challenges.  Namely, which photos do I edit first?

Should I start with the pictures of baby Sabu, the newest member of the Denver Zoo's Mongolian Wild Horse herd?
Or do I stay true to this blog's tackmaking mission and feature photos from today's visit with esteemed tackmaker, Susan Bensema Young.
What a wonderful dilemma this is!  No matter what I choose, I simply can't go wrong.


  1. The NEW FOAL!!!! I have needed to go to the zoo and see the foal. It would be nice to get pictures here.

    ....But, the tack making visit sounds AMAZING, so I just can't help you with this one. I trust you will know which one to do.


  2. The new baby! So cute!!!

  3. The baby is so cute but.....the tack maker in me says DO THE TACK PHOTOS FIRST PLEASE! Pwease?

  4. I can't make up my mind... the baby is CUUUUUUUUUTE but Susan rocks :D

  5. Oh you are such a tease! The anticipation is killing me!

  6. I think we'd all be very , very happy to see all and anything. ;-) Both the foal and Susan's work is stunning so lay it on us!