Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Two at the zoo, part one

Seth's company picnic was held last Saturday at the Denver Zoo.
While the boys checked out Bird World, I spent some time with the Mongolian Wild Horses.
In particular, I wanted to check in with three week old Sube (pronounced Soo-bee). 
At first...
the horses weren't very interesting. 
Eventually, however, Sube and her mother, Yisun, did me the favor of walking around. 
Sube seems to be a very quiet foal...
staying close to her mama most of the time.
Occasionally, though, she got brave...
and wandered out on her own to play...
and explore. 
She's filled out quite a bit since my last visit... 
and she's no longer wobbly on those legs. 
She's just as cute as can be...
but she's no longer the Zoo's youngest equine.  Tomorrow I'll introduce you to Xena.


  1. You can't tell us about Xena now? Oh, the suspense!! Can't wait till tomorrow!