Thursday, June 20, 2013

Six month report card

It's been almost six months since I first met Rev, and in that time our partnership has progressed in leaps and bounds.
Remember his big, unbalanced trot from February's progress report
Or his calmer but still not impressive tritty-trot from April? 
Both those trots are a thing of the past. 
He's now moving out in a lower and more consistent frame.  There's still room for improvement, of course, but I am so happy with his new look. 
The canter changes have been even more dramatic.  His right lead has always been ok...
but now it's reliably good.
His left lead used to be almost non-existent.  
On a good day, I might get three or four strides before he swapped leads behind.
Nowadays, the cross canter has been banished completely.  He still gets a bit discombobulated sometimes...
but he's able to re-balance himself without breaking gait.
Loving on the Ay-rab!
Despite my initial misgivings, I am so glad I decided to lease Rev.  We've had a great six months!


  1. You two look great! You can really see the improvement in him.

    P.S Discombobulated is a great word.

  2. You've done a terrific job!

    (Discombobulated = Onomatopoeia at its finest!)

  3. He looks so good! I knew you would do great things when you first posted pictures of him, and I definitely was not wrong :)