Monday, June 3, 2013


James "graduated" from fifth grade today.
I spent the morning at school, watching his continuation ceremony... 
and saying goodbye to favorite teachers and friends.
I'm proud of James but sad, too.  I've been a Highline parent for seven years, and I will miss our little neighborhood school.

Here's something I will not miss--Tiffany's Dutch Harness Horse harness.
I have been working on this harness almost non-stop since the end of last week.  I'm very pleased with the way it turned out... 
but mostly I'm just glad it's done. 
So many buckles, keepers, and little tiny stitches!  
It's not obvious from the photos, but this harness features a fair amount of patent leather.  It's not pink but it's still got some of that Tiffilicious sparkle!
Summer vacation starts tomorrow.  I am looking forward to a happy day with Rev and the kids and no studio time.  Hurray!


  1. Yay! Congrats to James! I graduate from high school in two weeks!!! The harness looks amazing! Wish it was coming to my house! :)

  2. At least it didn't require 14 buckles and a million (well it sure felt that way) keepers like a pack set!

  3. Just counted--22 buckles and every buckle save two had at least two keepers. Several had three... All I can say is yay! for harnesses without breeching!

  4. Best wishes to James for his future in Middle School!

    The Harness looks fabulous! I need to know how to do those tiny stitches..

    1. There's no real trick to it--mostly I just sew into the marks left by the pounce wheel. This harness has a lot of real patent leather. It's pretty but mostly impervious to glue. I had to do a lot of sewing.

  5. Congrats to James!!

    That harness is looking lovely! Tiffany is a pink person too huh? Did I miss her at the show? How could a miss a fellow pink fan?

    1. Tiffany is the ultimate pink person. I had never made a single piece of pink tack until I met her. Since then, I've made a multitude of pinkies. I've even made some for myself, so obviously this pink thing is contagious.

      Trust me, if Tiffany had been at Springamathing, you wouldn't have missed her. She lives in Illinois and does make it to the occasional Colorado show, but not that one. I expect she'll be at Rocky Mountain Rendezvous, though. Can't wait!

    2. Cool - I will have to save up and have some pink tack made! :D Hope she is at RMR :D