Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Barney the saddle pig

One of the highlights of my recent trip to St. Louis was meeting my blog friend, Tracie.  I'd brought a couple saddles with me for a little show and tell, and it didn't take long before those saddles ended up on Tracie's guinea pig, Barney.
Right from the start it was obvious that Barney is a natural born saddle critter who is equally comforatble under English...
and Western tack.
Squee!  He's so cute.  I wish I'd have brought an Arabian costume, too!
I'll always love my rattie girls, but Barney has me rethinking my choice of rodent.  Thanks so much for sharing him with me, Tracie!


  1. So cute! Guinea pigs are my favorite rodent, if I could figure out a way to have cats and guinea pigs at the same time, I'd have a small herd :)

  2. Barney is a little doll! I've kept many G-pigs and they are a favorite rodent here :-) What size girth did Barney need?

  3. Ehem, come on ladies - guinea pigs are not rodents, they're cavies! Fab photos :P

  4. Apologies for my ignorance! I really don't know anything about guinea pigs. In fact, Barney is the first guinea pig with whom I've had any meaningful contact. If he's anything to go by, they are absolutely delightful animals. If I was in the market for another small pet, I'd certainly consider a pig!

  5. WheeEEEK! WheeEEEK!

    That's Mr. B. chiming in (although you know he's generally not a chatty pig) to say, "Thank you for the fine write-up!" :-) I was thrilled to see your fabulous saddles in person, and I'm glad my darling pet was so cooperative. He's definitely a Good Boy. As I said, not all piggies are as laid back!

    Regarding whether or not piggies are rodents - I read for many years that they are not, but actually the debate continues. Here's what I found that sums things up (like you really wanted to know, LOL):

    "According to most biologists, guinea pigs are categorized as follows: class Mammalia; order Rodentia; suborder Hystricognathi; family Caviidae; genus Cavia; species Cavia porcellus. Some researchers choose to elevate the two suborders within Rodentia to the status of order; under this scheme, "true" rodents (squirrels, rats, mice, etc.) are distinguished from so-called "hystricognath" rodents (porcupines, chinchillas, capybaras, mole rats, guinea pigs, etc.). The distinction is primarily a semantic one, since both classification schemes acknowledge two major lineages among the animals known commonly as rodents."

    When you're ready to try a piggie, let me know and I'll be happy to provide tips/links/my Sooper-Seekrit No-Fail Method of Good Pig Pickin'. ;-)

  6. He's so cute and he looks so patient :)

  7. Eheh, one of my piggies is called Barney too. ;) That Barney, though, is really adorable!

  8. Saddlepiggys should , like ponies, be kept in a herd. Pref. a neutered male and 2 -3 females. Then you'd have a fun time. There are a gazillion fabulous places online to read up on how to be a stellar piggymom. HUGE fun homemade cages, fab food, claw/nail clipping, insurance, best vets ever etc. ;-D

    Plus they eat HAY and veggies so easy to keep and quite similar to horses. Maybe thet is why equine people love cavies so much?! :-)

  9. I love guinea pigs and horses and this combindes them. I am also a boy and some boys LOVE horses and guinea pigs