Sunday, November 25, 2012

Have dog will travel

I loved travelling with Abbie.  Together, she and I visited more than twenty states.
Darcy also loves to ride in the car.  Unfortunately, no one likes to ride in the car with her.  Short trips are tolerable, but just barely.  Road trips simply aren't possible.
Enter Emma.
Emma may look like Darcy, but she's no Darcy.  She's smaller, darker and quieter.  So much quieter, in fact, we decided to take her with us on our Thanksgiving trip to St. Louis.  
There wasn't a lot of extra room in Seth's little car, but Emma made it work.
It was so nice to have her with us at the hotel.
Even Seth was glad we brought her!
She was a bit worried by all the hustle and bustle at Jason's house...
but she did eventually make friends with Jason's dogs Chewy...
and Tari. 
 She also had a great visit with Tracie's beautiful Sunny.
Travelling with a dog requires a little bit of extra work, but the rewards are great.
Emma's first road was a huge success.  
 She's so wonderful that someone named a town after her.
Hurray for Emma, our new travelling dog!


  1. Loved your post.

    I too rarely leave home with out my canine companion. Remus is my co-pilot and we have logged a LOT of miles together.

    Glad Emma enjoys the lure of the open road in the comfort of a car.

  2. We both really enjoyed meeting Emma, AND you, of course! :-) I, too, loooove traveling with my girl Sunny. She's been to NJ and back twice, and all over the Midwest. I take her with me in the car around town everywhere possible... she adores going no matter how short the trip, and seeing her stripey face waiting for me makes ME awfully happy. Glad you brought Red #2!

  3. Oh that's a crackup! I didn't realize I had the sound up so loud and Darcy upset all my animals - I think they thought coyotes had gotten into our house! lol

  4. Darcy has that effect on everyone. She is a sweet dog, but oh the noise! Just be glad the clip is only 14 seconds long. She can literally keep that up for more than an hour.

  5. Our Abby sounds like your Darcy. She whines and cries as soon as we start the car and get it moving. Even on short trips to the dogpark. And you can't leave her in the car even to run into the post office for 30 seconds, she thinks she's been abandoned. Glad it works with Emma :)