Thursday, November 15, 2012

My new TSII tack

Almost six months ago, I had the good fortune of hosting a tack show and tell day with one of my most favorite hobby people, Susan Bensema Young.  Sue brought a dazzling array of goodies with her, any of which I'd have been happy to call my own.  However, if I'd been forced to choose a favorite, it probably would have been Tissarn's hackamore.
At the end of the day, Sue went home with a BCS saddle.  In exchange, she offered to make me a hackamore of my very own.   That hackamore arrived today.
Oh, I could not be more pleased!  This hackamore is perfection from every angle. 
I have spent most of the day drinking in its details. 
Look at those amazing knots!  I just love the colors and the mix of silver and braidwork.
More knots!  These adorn the end of the throatlatch.
The popper on the Romal is marked "TSII" on one side...
and dated on the other.  Such a wonderful way to incorporate a signature into the tack design!
As much as I love Tissarn's hackamore, I do think Love N Stuff's is just a little bit better.  Not convinced?  Check out the side by side comparison photo on the front page of Sue's website.  
Thank you so much, Sue!  I absolutely love my new tack! 


  1. (((((thud)))))
    So is amazing! Congrats!

  2. VERY lovely... I love the popper on my mecate, it has the same stamp/date piece :)

  3. Awesome! I saw it on her website and wondered who the lucky owner was!

  4. It looks SO much better on your Matriarch than on mine. I am glad.

  5. The colors are absolutely perfect for my Matriarch. This is definitely one of those "it's good to be me" type days.


  6. Stunning is the first word that came to my mind...well maybe after the Wow.

  7. The close ups of your Between the paint job and that hackamore you expect her to breath or twitch an ear any moment. Beautiful model and tack.

  8. I should probably mention that Love N Stuff is a Carol Williams Matriarch resin painted by Susan Hurst. She is a portrait model of one of the school horses who taught me how to ride.

  9. OH MY GOSH. ITS STUNNING!! I ave NEVER, I say NEVER seen such exquisite brading work in my life!!
    And Love N Suff is so amazing too!
    Wow. Just wow.