Monday, November 5, 2012


Back when I first started writing this blog, I could make a saddle in one day.

Granted, it was one really long day--the kind of day when the dogs didn't get walked, trash didn't get taken out, laundry didn't get done and dinner was pizza from Papa Murphy's.  

But still, it was just one day, and you know, those saddles weren't half bad.
Today I haven't done anything but work on Anne's saddle.  Since the tree was already made, I thought I might be able to finish it.
I thought wrong. 
Despite my best "get 'er done" efforts, this saddle still has another full day's worth of work left in it.  I'm exhausted and my neck and shoulders ache...  Oh well, the saddles are getting better, and fortunately, my kids like pizza!


  1. Finishing a piece in a single day is a luxury for me. I think I've done only one 'harness in a day,' and yes it was exhausting. As your detail grows, don't be surprised if the time does too. Your customers will still be happy!

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