Saturday, November 17, 2012

My old TSII saddle

Love N Stuff's hackamore is not the only TSII tack in my collection.  I am the lucky owner of several pieces by Susan, including this vintage pony saddle.
I bought this saddle secondhand twelve years ago from a seller on eBay.  It is signed "SEB 85."   
Despite its advanced age, this saddle looks almost brand new. That's no accident.  Sue builds her tack to last, and her aversion to relying solely on glue is legendary.  All the attachment points on this saddle are sewn, pinned or wired together.
Of course, another key to the saddle's longevity is proper care.  Before taking these photos, I disassembled the fenders and gave all the parts a good cleaning and conditioning.  
One more view of my little black saddle.
It may not be as exciting as the hackamore (honestly, not much is!), but I'm awfully fond of this little saddle.  Certainly it was worth every cent of the seventy five dollars I spent on it!


  1. Have you been receiving my emails? My email provider might be having a problem sending again. The last was on Nov 5, and I haven't heard anything back yet.

    Emily Dunnan

  2. ITZ ZO CUTEZ!!! I love pony saddles.
    ONLY $75?!?!?!?