Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I blame Heather

Before I sat down to work this morning, I spent some time catching up on my favorite blogs. In particular, I enjoyed this long post by fellow tackmaker, Heather Moreton. I was struck by the fact that she cut out seventeen crownpieces before she had one that was good enough to use. Seventeen.

Crownpieces are are one of the most deceptively difficult parts of an English bridle. They look simple enough, but don't be fooled. They are fraught with challenges, and require advanced skills such as splitting lace and punching holes on a very narrow strap. It's not uncommon for me to discard one or two crownpieces on my way to completing an English bridle. However, I've never had to discard sixteen.  

Just thinking about that makes me want to cry.

Not surprisingly, I had that number stuck in my head when I started work on Anne's Matriarch bridle, and it should come as no surprise that I had all kinds of issues with the crownpiece. I didn't break into the double digits, but I spent more time on that one piece than all the others combined.

Finally, I made one that was acceptable. Or mostly acceptable--at this point I'm really not sure!
Although I am (mostly)  pleased with the finished bridle, I am still feeling a bit shell-shocked from having spent so many hours working on just one strap. Holy moly. Perhaps I need to wait until after I'm done making tack before I read other tackmaker's blogs!


  1. If there are any problems with that bridle, you are the only one that can see them..I sure can't!

  2. That's why I don't use pre-cut lace! It's been quite a long time since I've had to throw any out.

  3. Thank you for Mentioning my Crazy butt!


  4. That bridle is fantastic! And as usual far beyond anything I can do. Woohoo!

  5. Heather--You and your tack and your photography have always been such an inspiration to me. I am happy to give you all the mentions I can, but please do not plant any more ideas of sixteen rejected crownpieces in my head. I am obviously WAY too susceptible for my own good!

  6. ROFL Jennifer!!! You're a big tack inspiration to me too.. you work is SO acurate and beautiful and elegant! I have a touch of "the ADD" so sometimes I can't concentrate long enough to do something well so it has to be done over.. lol!