Friday, November 2, 2012


I took a break from the studio today, choosing instead to hit the trails at Cherry Creek State Park with my friend, Carol, and our three good dogs.
Not surprisingly, the dogs approved of this plan.  They ran up...
and they ran down.
They played alongside cliffs... 
and in the water.
They explored trails... 
 and fields.
I had a great time taking photos of my matching girls...
 with their matching attitudes!
Sisterly love. 
 Alike but different.
This was such a nice way to spend the day.
Thanks for going with us, Carol!


  1. Love the second from bottom picture - your girls posed well.

  2. I've been wondering what breeds are behind your lovely girls. I'm now guessing German Shepherd and Collie. I once thought Goldens, but the ears and muzzles don't vote for it.

  3. I suspect that both Darcy and Emma are a couple generations removed from anything purebred! That said, I do think that both girls have some Australian Shepherd in them. Darcy is definitely a herding dog. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if she's got a dash of heeler as well. Emma's face is very collie like, but she's small--not quite 30 lbs. So, maybe Sheltie?

    Not that it really matters. Whatever they are, they're both good girls!


  4. I love the pic of them sitting together, the others are cute too!