Thursday, November 8, 2012


For the most part, I find it easy to stick to a daily blogging schedule.  However, there are some days when I'm just too busy, too tired, too blue, too something to write a real post.  On those occasions, I find myself debating the relative merits of skipping a day vs. publishing a marginal "filler" type post.

Today, I decided to go with filler.

Here are some scans of one of my most dog-eared issues of Just About Horses magazine.  This particular edition (Volume XI, Number Four, published in 1985) contained several short articles that really captured my imagination.  I especially liked the photo tour of Toll Free Farm.
You know, I am forty three years old, and I still want to own this stable! 
The On The Road... with MJW series was another favorite.  I remember poring over the pictures and dreaming of my future showstring.
See, that cantering palomino with the Western saddle?  I spent hours obsessing over her.  
1980's era Just About Horses often featured a lot of fiction, and this issue is no exception.  Most of the stories weren't particularly good, but I always liked this one.
After all, who wouldn't want to buy an amazing custom from a street vendor in New York City?
Well, that's it for today.  Tomorrow I'll write a real post.  Or not.


  1. I had those JAH issues, too! I always remember that awesome barn, and the street horse customizer story! Thanks for a memory lane trip!

  2. So fun. I used to get JAH as a kid and can't imagine why I didn't get into customizing etc. as I was always making tack (out of string, wire, and cut-up plastic tubes from the inside of an empty ballpoint pen for the metal bits). Oh well. Heck, I'm 51 and I'd love to have that stable!!!

  3. Oh man... I LOVE that stable! Thanks for sharing! :)

    It amazes me how you keep up with daily posts as well. I have enough time trying to post once a week... ha. :)