Monday, November 26, 2012

Another roadside attraction

It's a long drive from Denver to St. Louis.  
My husband contends that it's a long, boring drive through the middle of nowhere with nothing to look at.  I think that's a bit harsh.  After all, there are some cute little farms,
 wind farms,
saloons with intriguing names,
and the occasional spectacular sunset.
For the most part, however, Seth is right.  The landscape is flat and empty and boring.
Except...  U.S Cavalry Museum?  That sounds interesting!
In truth, I have been wanting to visit this museum for years.  It's been a goal of mine since the first time we made this drive, but somehow it's never happened...
until this time! 
Yay!  I finally made it, and it was worth the wait.  More pictures to follow later today.


  1. Cool! Sean got to go to Fort Riley earlier this year, and he toured the museum. Unfortunately, that probably means we won't ever go through that area, and I won't get to see the museum...

  2. Since my husband is also from St Louis I've made that boring drive many, many times. How could I have missed the Cavalry Museum??

    (Tip: next trip, count windmills, that's helped me while away the miles)

  3. Gotta agree with Seth - boring boring boring scenery.