Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 model year in review

As far as the model horse hobby goes, 2011 was sort of a strange year. 

It started normally enough.  In January, I welcomed Gimme S'more into my collection.
He was followed by Mabel
I also added a few amazing tack sets to my collection including this one by Shannon Granger,
the Hummingbird saddle by Erin Corbett,
and the incredible six year costume by Abby Marston.
I also attended four shows, three as an exhibitor and one as a judge.
I also sent ten models to NAN with my friend, Teresa.
Sounds like a fun, busy, model-filled year, right?

Well, yes and no.  

If you look carefully at the provided links, you might notice that the first half of 2011 is far better represented than the second.  In fact, I've had no shows or new models since the middle of July.  It's been a quiet five months, and surprisingly, that's been fine by me.  

Will the New Year bring renewed busy-ness or will the quiet continue?  Only time will tell!


  1. beautiful ponies ! Who made your child doll ?? I am considering having one done for Gretel and Valentine .... I am slowly branching out in to a few larger than pebbles performance horses :O)

  2. The Western child doll shown on the mule was customized and dressed by Anne Field. She's a nice size--taller than a straight-from-the-box Breyer junior doll but still smaller than the very tall adult doll.

    P.S. Traditional scale rocks. I know you have mad mini skillz but I would love to see some "big" tack from you!

  3. Brilliant!!! Love the donkey at the beginning.

  4. LOL ... I have a trad western saddle on my desk now ;O)
    I started out doing trad just mini resins are soo cheep and easy to travel with ;O)
    the biggest thing is needing all new bigger props .
    Oh And I love the tack that saddle Shannon made ohhh soo nice .

  5. You added some really gorgeous horses to your collection! Same goes for tack... the costume and western saddle are both pretty amazing. :D