Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ridden horses in the Christmas Carriage Parade

Even thought it was billed as a "Carriage Parade," there were a lot of ridden horses in the Town of Parker's annual Christmas event.
Most of those horses were adorned in their best Christmas finery including Christmas tree ornaments,  
Santa Claus hats, 
and wreaths.
Of course there were a few entries...
that were less obviously Christmas-y. 
You simply can't have a horse themed parade in Colorado... 
without some rodeo royalty... 
and at least one group of mounted police. 
Here's a reference picture for those of you who like to show foals in performance.
Although a few of the horses needed some reassurance...
there's no denying that this parade...
was great fun for everyone in attendance!
I can hardly wait until next year's edition!


  1. Okay, you did get a photo of the horse wearing the Mylar bit with the weird "added" cavesson - it's photo #4 - the kid has the magenta helmet.

  2. I might have a close-up of that, but it's not really something I want to put out there as "reference material" . There was also a horse with a mechanical hackamore of some sort that was adjusted so low that it was in danger of falling off... Another one not to spotlight!

  3. Oh sure, but for the "what where they trying to do" file, it's precious :D