Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Ryan's only homework assignment this Christmas break is to read the book War Horse.
Naturally, he's interested in seeing the movie.  I'm on the fence.  Ryan is almost twelve, James is almost ten and the movie is rated PG-13.  Has anyone seen it?  What do you think--ok for kids or too intense?


  1. The movie was absolutely fabulous! As for it being rated PG-13, there is nothing inappropriate as far as language or content. The only thing is some pretty accurate war scenes. Being WWI, there is trench warfare, machine guns, etc, and German officers shooting two teenage army deserters. There is also one scene that shows a pit of dead horses.
    I took my 10 year old sister and she loved it, but she is quite mature and has already seen more than her fair share of action movies. I know some 10 year olds that it would be a little too much for, as well, so it definitely is a "your call" sort of movie. I can definitely say that from an educational standpoint, it is pretty historically accurate and everything except the few war scenes is a wonderful story. If it were my kids I would take them, and at the very least explain some of the tougher stuff.
    Hope I can be of any help!

  2. I saw the movie the day after it came out and it was fantastic. I think it was rated as PG-13 due to the battle scenes and Sterling is right about the pile of dead horses. I would say that if your son can handle some war movies this one should be alright.

  3. Well, I haven't seen it yet, but it's def PG13 for violence/action. That's not a hitch for my family, and we're already planning on going and seeing it. My youngest brother (7) has seen the whole Lord of the Rings trilogy, and that was PG13 for the same reason...frankly, my brothers both love it.

  4. Slightly off topic, but Joey's wearing an odd bridle for the period/country on that book cover!

    I've decided I can't go and see it as the trailer has me crying within half a second. I'm 37.

    This Christmas I did get to visit the farm used in the movie as it's 20 mins from where my parents live.

  5. Now---, I was the same as you - burst into tears virtually as soon as the trailer started. I wasn't sure if I could handle the movie but I simply had to see it... and I did okay. Basically, the trailer is all of the worst parts condensed. There's a lot of great movie to enjoy around them! I packed plenty of tissues and yes, I did cry really hard sometimes and emit squeaks of misery and hold my hubby's hand really tight, but it was worth it.

    Jenn, as far as taking the kids - I agree with the others. As far as violence and war scenes go it is far less disturbing then LOTR. No hacked-off body parts or spouting blood. The pit of dead horses was viewed by me for .0000003 seconds and I then I simply looked away... The whole thing is just VERY sad if you're a horse-lover, but for boy horse-likers it should just be fairly sad. (My 16-year-old horse-liker son did not cry but his horse-liker dad did :-)

    One thing to note: I was a little surprised when the movie didn't end quite like the book, so tell Ryan not to expect that. It's still a great ending!

  6. I think part of my problem is I've spent the last 2 years writing a First World War novel and before that I worked in a War Musuem.

    I can't tell myself it's 'just a story'. The reality of what happened to horses during WW1 was far worse than anything we'll see in a movie :-(

  7. Thank you, thank you! I really appreciate everyone who took the time to advise me in this matter. I think I probably will take the kids to see War Horse, but it might be later rather than sooner. I just discovered that Ryan is only *eight* pages into the book. What a slacker! I would have been delighted to have a horse book assigned as homework. I won't take him to the movie until he's finished the book, and at this rate, it might be a while...

  8. I thought it was much more emotionally intense than violent. You never see anyone get shot, just guns then bodies, and very little blood, but it conveys Joey and other characters' fear quite well.

  9. Saw it, loved it, my 20 yr. old son loved it. Not a lot of blood or gore, more left to your imagination but some of the war scenes are intense. As for the deserters being shot, the windmill blade covers them , you hear the guns, then shows them on the ground so you get the jist. I'd take my kids if they were younger.