Sunday, December 11, 2011

Carriages at the Christmas Carriage Parade

It should come as no surprise that an event known as the Christmas Carriage Parade would include a large number of horse drawn vehicles.  Here are few (!) entries that caught my eye. 
First up is James' friend from the staging area, Silver.  Like many of the horses, he was accompanied by a walker as he made his way down Main Street. 
Most of the horses and carriages were adorned with Christmas decorations...
and teddy bears! 
The theme of this year's parade was "A Beary Special Christmas" so the teddy bears were everywhere. 
A lot of the humans dressed up as teddy bears, too!  
Although this parade was notable for the large number of mini horses in attendance, there were also some nice big drafty guys. 
Here's another one! 
The Wells Fargo stage coach made an appearance.
One of my favorite horses was this Appaloosa pony. 
I have a soft spot for chestnut varnish roan Appaloosa ponies because they remind me of Snickers
More big guys. 
And again. 
Here's a better look at one of the horses from yesterday's post. 
Beautiful color but so much hair
A nice Fjord. 
The next entry was the winner of the Best "Beary Special  Christmas" Carriage award.
The horse was dressed as a bear!  Can you see the claws on his hooves? 
The very last carriage was actually a sleigh on wheels which carried Santa Claus himself.  Ho ho ho! 
Minis are next!


  1. Thank you so much for posting more pictures of the handsome horse I liked the look of. What a fantastic parade!

  2. Subscribing to Driving Digest, I get postcards advertising this parade, but I never can go. Thanks for making me feel like I was there!

  3. I'm a chestnut varnish appy fan myself! What is it about those wise appy mares that reel us in as children to the wonderful world of horse-dom?

  4. As always, I'm loving your parade pictures - had to smile when I saw the Wells Fargo entry. A couple of weeks ago I dropped some saddles off at the saddler to be oiled, and she offered to take me through her son's business. Hansen Wheel & Wagon does restoration and custom builds wagons and carriages. They do everything by hand, and have restored or built several of the Wells Fargo coaches among a lot of other projects. It was an absolutely fascinating tour. If you're ever out this way, be sure to stop - I was kicking myself that I didn't have my camera!