Monday, December 5, 2011

Good intentions redux

I had not intended to revisit the good intentions performance idea so soon, but then y'all had to go and suggest a therapeutic riding scene for my poor mangled youth doll.

You see, I just happen to have a little wheelchair in my prop box...
and it is a perfect fit for my newly "customized" doll! 
I've owned the wheelchair for more than a decade, but my plans for a therapeutic riding set-up go back even further than that.  During my college days, I volunteered as a sidewalker for a therapeutic riding program.  That experience inspired me to start gathering parts,pieces and documentation for a traditional scale horse therapy scene.
All that documentation is hard copy--further proof that this is an old project idea!
Here's a good reference picture for someone hoping to salvage a one legged doll. 
As per usual, I have several pages showing just the tack!
In a rare fit of motivation, I built this mounting block/ramp in 2002.  Unfortunately, that's as far as things got.  I have never used either ramp or wheelchair in a live or photo show set-up.
It really wouldn't take a lot to make this show worthy.  In the meantime, here's the good intentions version.
And just for grins, here's the more traditional therapeutic riding set-up with a walking horse.
Thanks to everyone who commented on yesterday's post.  I actually feel inspired to sit down a make a few small (therapeutic) tack items.  I haven't wanted to work on tack in ages, so this is a very good thing!


  1. I love it when all the elements for a performance setup just sort of come together like a cosmic convergence, don't you? :p

    I do wonder why the World Wrestling Federation sold a wheelchair toy, though. :D

  2. The depth of your tack box scares me!

  3. The wheelchair came with some crutches (which I know I still have but could not find). I think there were a couple other items, too. Can't remember clearly since it was soooo long ago!

    Teresa--these things were in the back of a cabinet that you haven't even seen. I'm not even sure what's in there anymore, but I guarantee that if I ever got my act really and truly together, it would be amazing! ;)

  4. Very nice! Always nice when old ideas become motivation! :)

  5. Throw some boots on that girl and she's nearly show ready!

    I'm flummoxed that you have that gorgeous ramp (!) and a wheelchair, and yet have never used this set up. What ???

  6. I have that chair! I'm trying to remember how I got the logo off, I think I used non-acetone fingernail polish remover. I love your ramp.

  7. It´s great that your "wrestling wheelchair" and neat ramp finally have been rediscovered and found the partner they needed for a proper setup - and even her injuries were caused by "an accident", like in real life!
    I`m looking forward to see the appropriate tack to top off the scene for a division which is still underrated!

    Kind regards,

    Doreen from Germany

  8. awesome idea with the mounting block! I love it!!

  9. I'm looking forward to seeing this all put together. I'm so glad you feel inspired to make some tack :D

  10. The therapeutic setup idea sounds brilliant, I look forward to seeing the finished product!
    I know you're quite busy, but I was just wondering if you managed to find my email yet?


  11. Hey Skinny--Can you resend it? I don't have anything from you in my inbox.

  12. I've resent the email with the subject as 'Query from SkinnyZebra', to make it easier for you to find if it doesn't turn up straight away. :)


  13. Cracking up here... I can't believe you already had a wheelchair AND a ramp! NO excuse now, Woman, none at all. We will be waiting with bated breath to see the finished product. (I do think the Pinto Walker is better suited than your dear mule, though, bless his little heart.)

  14. How wide and how big/ long are these please?! (the wheelchairs)

  15. It's about 1:12 (dollhouse) scale--a little less than four inches tall and four inches long. Hope that helps!

  16. Hello!

    Look, on my model stable there are rider with handicap too:
    Sonja with her sisters.
    Therapie riding.
    The other girl ist autistic.
    The Man is an patient with depression.

    BTW: I am a depressed autist.

    Many Greetings


  17. Wow! Where did you find that wheelchair?

  18. That wheelchair is from a play set and I custed it a little bit: