Sunday, December 18, 2011

Early Christmas

I hadn't planned to do this so soon, but...
Ryan and I were Christmas shopping today and somehow we found ourselves in the Small Animal section of PetSmart.  Ryan spied a lone female rat hiding in one of the cages and immediately fell head over heels in love.  A few minutes later, we were the proud new owners of Holly.

But...  Rats are a bit like potato chips.  You can't stop at just one.  I went home and got James and we began RatQuest 2011.  A few stores later we discovered not one,
but two likely candidates.  We couldn't decide between them so now Peppermint and Nutmeg are Buxtons, too.
Who will be the next Saddle Rat?
Only time will tell!


  1. :D glad to see rats in the family again! :) Never expected it to be so soon! :) I love the names. :) I think they will all be great tack models!

  2. I love the lighter colored one!

  3. I really didn't expect it to be so soon either. This makes sense though since the kids are out of school and have a lot of time on their hands. All the rats are a little bit wild, but Holly especially needs a lot of holding. The kids should have lots of time to get them good and "broke" before they go back to school.

    Nutmeg is the quietest so far, so I'm eyeing her as future saddle rat material. The other two seem like they might be good candidates for the bronc saddle, though!


  4. very cute!!! I lik the look of the lighter coloured one too (I'm assuming that ones Nutmeg??)

    But in time I'm sure they will all make good saddle rats, maybe they could make up a team event??! :)

  5. This is sooooo funny! I did the same thing last year. Exact same. Found myself in PetSmart and ended up with two rats! And what's even crazier, is that your light coloured one, looks almost identical to one of mine!


  6. Nutmeg is the lighter colored rat. James had wanted one that color and the Petco employee who helped us was emphatic that Nutmeg was the sweetest and friendliest of the group.

    I suppose we should have just taken her, but Peppermint looks and acts SO much like the young Basil. James put her on his shoulder and I thought, "That just looks right."

    Basil left some mighty big pawprints to fill. I'm not actually surprised that it took three rats to replace her.

  7. I'm so sorry to hear about Basil! I'm glad the boys are welcoming some new friends into the family and I hope one of them will be amenable to saddling. Maybe some Natural Ratmanship?

  8. I'm learning about rats, A friends 4 girls will be staying at my house while shes in college. She really did not want to leave them 6hrs away with her family so while she is going to school in my city they will stay here so she can see them daily.

  9. Wow, that was quick. Sometimes that's the best way, I think. Not all pets want you to grieve for very long, sometimes they say "please, keep having fun, don't be sad for a long time for me, we had a good time together, and I don't want you to be sad."

    I hope your new family members settle in well. They're all beautiful. :)

  10. woo hop!

    Can not wait to see these cuties :-)

  11. I love their names. :) Nutmeg is so adorable!

  12. I think that when you euthanize an older animal who's been ailing for a while, you do most of the grieving on the front end. It's still sad after the fact, of course, but the worst of it is already behind you.

    Also--Ryan's rat Cinnamon had died more than a year ago. We didn't replace her because Basil was SO dominant we thought she'd give a new, young rat a hard time. I hadn't realized how ready Ryan was to have another rat that was "just his."

    That said, Ryan's girl Holly seems more quieter and timider today. The other two are bright and friendly and WILD. Hope everything's ok with the little one. She is considerably younger than the others so it might just be an age thing...

  13. You're right on the front end grieving thing. I didn't have that with very many of my animals, somehow it has worked out that most of my pets died in their sleep of old age, or went downhill so quickly that we knew to make our last hours/day or two very special.

    My rats were some of the hardest to lose, so much so that I wasn't really ready for rats again until very recently, even though they passed about ten years ago. Seeing Basil on your blog has slowly warmed me to having rats again some day, and seeing Holly, Cinnamon and Nutmeg join your family has helped close a big gaping hole I didn't really know was there. I'm ready for rats again, so I want to thank you, Basil, Holly, Cinnamon and Nutmeg for that. Now I need only convince my rat hating mother-in-law that rats are cool ;)

  14. Whoever's on the shoulder's my favourite so far! :D :D