Saturday, December 10, 2011

Horsey holidays

Today Teresa, Ryan, James and I attended the town of Parker's annual Christmas celebration and parade.
Parker is a very horsey community...
so we weren't surprised to find a lot of horse art on our way to the festivities.
My kids are a little bit too old for pony rides...
but their mother isn't too old to ooh and ah...
over all the cute (and very patient) ponies. 
I especially liked all their little parade saddles!
The free petting zoo provided me with several more "Squee" moments.  In addition to the goats, lama and bunnies, there was a cute little donkey... 
and a twenty three year old miniature horse named Ed.
Ed was popular with all the little girls... 
so we had to wait our turn to take pictures with him.
Ha!  It turns out that Ed is popular with the big girls, too.
All the statues along the parade route were decked out in holiday finery.
Love the booties! 
Also loved that kids were encouraged to climb aboard for pictures.
Brotherly love. 
James had to stop and pet every dog...
as we made our way to the parade staging area. 
There were a lot more petting opportunities there... 
but eventually we settled in...
for the main event--the Carriage Parade.
Be sure to check back tomorrow for lots more parade pictures.


  1. Funny job they did with the "foal"'s Weaver Razzleberry halter. Flipped the throatlatch for the crown?? How odd...

    Looks like you all had great fun! Love the two pintos from the parade (well, the gray horse has a binto-y looking head, I'm just assuming here ;-).

  2. I hope there's more pictures of that lovely horse in front in the last picture - so pretty! I think I've figured out what I'm doing with my SM Friesian repaint.

  3. Ah, good times. I am with you though -where did all the MINIS come from!? Does Parker allow them as backyard pets?!?

  4. Thanks for sharing. the parade was great, my what a lot of horse folks in the area. Happy Holidays.

  5. I can forgive the halter because the booties were so cute. Obviously whoever dressed the statue wasn't a horse person. After all, the saddle ended up on the FOAL rather than the mare!

    Parker is definitely a horse oriented community. There are a lot of neighborhoods where every house has a barn (and a pasture and an indoor ring!) and it's also the home of the Colorado Horse Park. Definitely a favorite place of mine!


  6. I actually assumed they had put the saddle on the foal because it was closer to the ground, for kids and photo ops ;-)

    I was wondering, too, if the foal's throatlatch was sculpted such that they found that the crown was needed to get around it, and the throat still could fit over the headstall area. They knew enough to take the connector strap off (noseband to throatlatch). Just curious if that was the reason.

    Looks like a very neat town to have a parade!