Monday, December 12, 2011

Minis at the Christmas Carriage Parade

If you're a fan of small, cute and furry, today's post is going to make you very, very happy!
James is a fan!
Parker, Colorado's annual Christmas Carriage Parade was absolutely chock full of miniature horses.
This little mare was paired with a dog that was easily as tall as she was.
Look at that crabby face!  She says, "I may be smaller than the dog but I'm twice as tough."
These mini donkeys were tough, too.  They made the whole parade wait while they decided whether or not they wanted to cross the street!
This two horse entry won the "Judge's Favorite Mini" award. 
They were...  
pretty darn cute!
Still, I really don't know...
how the judge...
managed to pick a favorite. 
I liked them all!
These three ponies used to live at the same stable as Trillium.
The "big" pony is Gracie...
and the little grey is Zorro. 
Even though she was my favorite, I don't remember this one's name. 
Here's another two horse entry. 
More crabby ears... 
and more extreme cuteness.  I just want to hug this one. 
Last but not least is the winner of the Best "Beary Special Christmas" Mini Award.  This group included two horses, three dogs and lots of handlers all of whom were dressed as bears. 
Here's the second horse.  He's a panda! 
Hope you enjoyed the great big helping of pony cuteness--I know I did!


  1. Hi! If you want to squee over a few more cute Mini's and 1 dwarf Mini I have some photos of 3 OSPCA rescues I used to take care of. Oh and I got a ton of rattie pictures too! I've had over 12 already!


  2. oops, forgot my email address!