Thursday, December 22, 2011

Snowed in

We are officially snowed in.   I made a halfhearted attempt to run some errands earlier in the day but mine is a fair weather car.  It got stuck on the street right in front of the house, and I took that as a sign.  Everyone stays home today.
Being snowbound makes kids and dogs crazy.
Fortunately, we had visitors.
My friend Carol has a four wheel drive vehicle so she braved the roads for a kids and pups playdate.
As you can see... 
the pups had a big time...
in the big snow!
This is my favorite picture of the day.  Doesn't it look like she's running through a wave? 
Thanks for the visit, Carol!


  1. Love it! LOL! Glad you got the snow too and not us! :D

  2. We had a great time, sorry you couldn't get your car to the store.

  3. I made it work myself...

  4. Seth DID make it to work but came home early. His car is better in the snow, but he still had trouble on the side streets. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

  5. I live in Boulder and it was so deep! Almost two feet of snow; I drive a low-riding car... did not make it out of the drive way, ha.

  6. :D looks like it was fun!! How's Trillium doing? has she gotten fuzzy? I'd love a big post about the dappled palomino pony!! :D

  7. Due to rat drama, the holidays and the weather, I haven't been out to see Trillium in a week. Our last ride was really good, though. She is a fuzzy yellow pony now. She's still dappled but her winter coat is much lighter and less contrasty than her summer coat. Hopefully, next week will be a bit less hectic and I can both see her AND take some photos.


  8. Sneezles with rats can be hefty on the wallet. I know. I've had that happen quite a bit. Among even more horrific diagnoses. But at least you had a white xmas.

    We had a thunderstorm for xmas. The grass is still green too.

    Very :'(