Monday, November 22, 2010

Saddle progress

I don't make a lot of Western saddles.  It's not that I dislike making them.  It's more that I lack the mad tooling skillz of an Erin or a Shannon or a Kirsteen.  Most hobbyists--myself included--like beautiful, hand-carved saddles so they tend to buy them from people who specialize in that sort of thing.  I think I have made three Western saddles since 2008.

When Anne asked me to make her a Western saddle, my first instinct was to say no.  After all, there are much better Western saddle makers out there.  I had second thoughts, however, after I looked at her reference picture.  The saddle had only a little bit of tooling.  I liked it's shape and simple elegance.  This, I thought, is something I can do.
Here's how it's going.  
I simplified the tooling a bit and there's a lot of work left to do.  Still, I think I'm on the right track...  I hope I so, anyway!


  1. I appreciate mad tooking skills (as evidenced by a lot of my other tack)but I also appreciate quality craftmanship. And Jenn, you have awesome craftsmanship! Start thinking about dolls I may need another English set...or a side saddle, lol.

  2. Maybe I should also clarify and say I like how the saddle is coming along ☺

  3. I'm so glad you like it, Anne. It looks a LOT better in person. This little loaner camera is a whole lot better than no camera, but it is NO ideal for this kind of photography. The colors aren't true and the proportions are always distorted... Sigh. I really need that money tree to start producing!