Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Almost wordless Wednesday

A couple months back, Teresa and I went to the Colorado Horse Park to watch one of Teresa's friends compete in a dressage show.  Upon our arrival, we were delighted to discover that the dressage show was only one of the competitions taking place at the Horse Park that weekend.  The other was the Colorado Reined Cowhorse Association Summer Fun show.  These pictures were taken during the cutting phase of that event.  

Performance showers who want to compete in a cutting class have two main options--they can use a model specifically designed to work a cow (Whiplash, Cowcutta, Breyer classic cutter) or they can opt for a more versatile standing or walking model and show it "making the cut."  Today's pictures should serve as good reference material for option number two.  Enjoy!


  1. Awesome pictures. Your a very good photographer when it comes to references.

  2. Thanks as always Jen for your awesome references. These are great!

  3. That was a fun day :)

  4. You all have no idea how much I miss that camera. Hopefully it will be fixed long before the start of the 2011 show season.

    Teresa--that *was* a fun day but I still wish I hadn't missed the shot of the jumping cow!