Friday, November 19, 2010

Today's studio pictures

Today the mailman delivered two much needed boxes of tackmaking supplies.
I now have all the kangaroo lace, Western saddle trees and photo etched parts that I should need for the foreseeable future.  
Unfortunately I did not receive my driving bits, so I was forced to set the harness aside and start work on Anne's Western saddle.  As usual, the first step is pattern making.  
Some pieces need a lot of revisions...
before they're ready to be translated to leather!
Not a hugely productive day, but a fun one nonetheless!


  1. I'll be sending driving bits on Monday! Hope they help!

    The seat looks lovely!

  2. Oh very exciting! I also started on your doll yesterday Jenn. The body mangling is done and clothing pieces are cut. Well...some of them I may even have something worth taking a picture of sooner or later ☺

  3. I love all the pattern pieces! And the oak leaf tooling plans :-)

  4. Oooh, Vicky--I can't wait for that box! Of course it's not the bits but the HORSE I'm excited about!

    Anne--Progress pictures please! Can't wait to see "Little Peggy."

    Jane--I can't take any credit for the piece with the oak leaf tooling. That's a photocopy from Susan Bensema Young's tackmaking book. If I'm going to copy anyone, I always make sure I'm copying the best!

  5. She is all packed up and ready to go out Monday! The bits and her NAN card are on the top in an envelope.