Thursday, November 18, 2010

Two thirds of a harness

Here's another confession--I have a love/hate relationship with harnesses.  

More accurately, I should say that it's a hate/love relationship because the hating part comes first.  I just do not like making harnesses.  Specifically, I don't like all the prep work that goes into making a harness.  I don't like spending hours and hours skiving lace.  I don't like preparing all those buckles.  And the keepers--oh, there are just so many keepers! 

Part of me was hoping the mailman would deliver my Rio Rondo box today.  That would have given me a perfect excuse to put Vicky's harness aside in favor of a less tedious project.  Sadly, the mail gods were not smiling down on me.  I received one bill and a couple advertisements for local businesses.  There was no way to avoid that harness.

Here is what it looks like now.

This is where the love part comes in.  There is something so undeniably elegant about a harness!  I love the way all those carefully skived straps drape across the model's body, and who can resist the sparkle of all those little buckles?  Not me, that's for sure.  As much as I dislike the harness making process, I sure do love the results!


  1. It looks beautiful!! I love making harnesses - when I did the little keepers on mine, my hubby looked at me and just said, "How do you do that?" =)

  2. Your harness is worth the efforts! It´s going to get a nifty masterpiece (as always)! I already like it! I love harnesses and like making them. My motivation is curiosity to see it finished and to use it with a nice carriage...

    @ Lindsay:

    My hubby wonders as well about the tiny leather and metal things!

    Regards, Doreen from Germany

  3. I know what you mean - but boy, do I love the finished product! So many parts and fittings... you can really SEE why it takes so long to make!

    I really do like making harnesses..there just doesn't seem to be as much that can go wrong... besides the fitting nightmares!

    LOVE that Palouse too!

    Looks like you are nearly there - keep up the awesome work!

  4. You people who like making harnesses are gluttons for punishment. I do love the finished product, but they're such slow work... Saddles are a lot easier!

    My husband has long since lost interest in tiny leather and metal parts and pieces. I think I lost him about the time I started making 1/16" tongue buckles...