Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another one finished

...Or almost finished anyways.  As per usual, I've noticed a few small things that need tweaking.  It's funny how those little mistakes are always more evident in photos than in real life!
As far as overall complexity is concerned, driving bridles are right up there with double bridles.  There are lots of buckles, keepers and intersecting pieces.   I spent an entire day building this.
And just for grins, here's the harness in its entirety.  It sure does look pretty on my head down Paloose.  One of these years I'm going to have to break down and make myself a harness to keep.
Thanks again, Vicky.  I hope you like your new harness half as much as I like my new pony!


  1. NICE! It looks great! I'm glad to hear that it takes you a whole day to do a bridle - sometimes I can't believe how much time goes by and so little is accomplished...

  2. I totally know what you mean about seeing things in pictures! I thought I'd be finished with three little models over the holiday weekend, but not after I took their pictures!

  3. That is a beautiful harness, Jen! I always notice those little things when I finish something too.

  4. Woot!!! I love it! Thank you so much for doing this for me!! Kechera is going to be so happy to have a harness that fits! LOL
    I do know what you mean about taking all day to build something you would think was simple...It takes hours and hours to build a parade bridle! I always find flaws in photos, so annoying!!!

  5. This set is fantastic. I know I absolutely LOVE my BCS Fine Harness. Brenda has never placed below 2nd when we show with that set. Incredible piece of art I will cherish forever. The detailing and time invested is what makes it so special. Thank you again for making it for us.