Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Good intentions

Despite my good intentions, I did not get a lot done on the saddles today.  The flaps are cut out and I've made a good start on the detailing.  
Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive.  I'm ready for these to start looking like saddles!


  1. I love these 'creative process' posts! :D

  2. I love how you stamp them with your name. Is it a stamp? Pressed in? I wish my tack had the makers name. I know one is a Bensema but the other, who knows.

  3. Thanks, Notturna! Although I'm not quite willing to tell everyone how I make a saddle, I'm perfectly willing to show pictures of key points of the construction. I figure that will be helpful to the really motivated tackmaker.

    Christine, I am embarrassingly low tech. All I do to mark it is wet the leather and write the name and date on it with a pen. A real stamp would look a lot more professional, but the signature is hidden under the billets so I've never bothered. Maybe someday!